Sochu Books - NEW Set of 12 (Deliveries in March 2021)

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What's included?

  • 12 Sochu Books
  • First Sneak Peak of the fully animated pilot episode of Sochu in the coming months!

What are Sochu stories about?

Sochu stories will make you think! You can read them along with your children, and we predict that you and your children will both relate to these stories (there's something in there for adults as well :) Bond with your children over some meaningful conversations!

Here are the topics for these books:

1) Think Outside the BOX

2) When I Grow Up

3) Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the World

4) Where does UGLY come from?

5) Where is GOD?

6) The Freedom of CHOICE

7) The joy of WINNING

8) A friend in need is a FRIEND indeed

9) Secret to SUCCESS

10) Am I COOL enough?

11) The BEST GIFT in the world

12) Stop pretending that you are NORMAL

Age Group: Technically these would be great for 7-12 year olds. But if you ask us, we'd say for children of all ages (wink, wink)!

Please note that the books will be shipped in March 2021.

Why should you buy it now?
Because we will be printing only 2000 copies at the moment. But more importantly, by buying the set of 12 Sochu Books right now, you are becoming a part of a movement in bringing wholesome entertainment to our children - you will be a real HERO! Your support will help Sochu become an actual TV show, soon to air on one of your children's favourite TV channels and become available to a much larger audience.

If you aren't sure yet, browse through our website to get to know Sochu a little more. Start with the Homepage here.
To know more about why we are making Sochu - read our blog article here.